Health inequalities policy development

Pharmacists in all settings provide a vast array of health care services, many with a direct impact on health inequalities. However, patients most affected by health inequalities do not always engage well enough to address their health needs.

To change this, we're developing a policy to help pharmacists, and pharmacy teams, identify and address aspects of their practice which may contribute to health inequalities. Initial scoping work with experts in the field and a fantastic session at our annual conference have already helped members to share their views.

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This survey closes on Monday, 5 December at 9am.

Identified themes

Understanding your population

  • Stigma
  • Poverty
  • Language.

Understanding your own bias

  • Do you treat anyone differently, or automatically expect them to behave in a certain way, because of what you think you know about them? This can be difficult to do and sometimes uncomfortable to acknowledge.

Enablers to reducing Health Inequalities

  • Digital
  • Digital also covers Knowledge & data
  • Tailored services
  • Collaborative working
  • Education
  • Empowering patients.

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What areas need to change to improve services provision and improve access for patients? And what else should the policy include?


This survey closes on Monday, 5 December at 9am.