Climate Change Charter Actions

Put your commitment to tackle climate change into action

Signed up to our Charter, but want to take up further personal commitments to become more sustainable? Pharmacy Declares have compiled some ideas for more personal commitments to get you going.

Remember: you don’t have to do them all, and some are longer term than others.

Here’s a handy list of positive actions for anyone who wants to do their part to fight climate change.


  1. I will undertake personal education on sustainability or planetary health issues e.g. via the elFH ‘Environmentally Sustainable Healthcare’ module
  2. I will undertake Carbon Literacy training
  3. I will incorporate sustainability principles into my projects and research
  4. I will incorporate sustainability principles into my audit, quality improvement or research work
  5. I will teach others via sustainability related education or training events
  6. I will ensure that any educational event I run can be accessed remotely.


  1. I will counsel a patient on inhaler technique
  2. I will ensure people with asthma have personalised asthma action plans in place
  3. I will promote spacer device use in children prescribed pressurised metered dose inhalers
  4. I will ensure all patients using more than one inhaler are prescribed similar device types
  5. I will encourage the return of unwanted and used inhalers to pharmacies for safe disposal
  6. I will review patients and, where used, ensure that the salbutamol MDI with the lowest
    carbon-footprint is supplied.

Plastic reduction

  1. Eliminate use of unnecessary single use plastics, e.g. cups, spoons, bags and look for alternatives that I personally can use.

Clinical Care

  1. I will ensure I undertake a full drug history/medicines reconciliation of new patients in hospital
  2. I will counsel patients on their new medications, in hospital, in the community setting and via the New Medicines Service
  3. I will undertake structured medication reviews e.g. with STOPP-START or ACB tools
  4. I will teach patients, especially children, how to take tablets to reduce the use of liquids
  5. I will strive to optimise medication use e.g. in response to pharmacokinetic parameters, patient symptoms and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
  6. I will optimise medication use at points of care transfer e.g via the Discharge Medicines Service
  7. I will incorporate deprescribing guidance into formulary application proformas/shared care guidelines/clinical guidelines
  8. I will produce, analyse and interpret data to allow for evidenced base decision making
  9. I will take part in available pharmaceutical recycling schemes e.g. blister packs, inhalers, insulin pens.

Pharmaceutical waste management

  1. I will obtain and use drug labels in my pharmacy which state ‘return to pharmacy’
  2. I will produce, use and/or promote pharmaceutical waste guidance for my organisation
  3. I will ensure I counsel patients on how to appropriately dispose of their medications.

Digitisation of Care

  1. I will learn how to use and offer remote working facilities such as e-consulting.

Green Space

  1. I will offer or take part in green-prescribing initiatives
  2. I will green up my workspace: no area is too big or small when supporting conservation and biodiversity efforts; rewilding an area e.g. a garden, a pathway, a window-box!


  1. I will reduce meat consumption / increase more plant-based food options
  2. I will choose seasonal produce
  3. I will choose waste-free lunches (packed lunch)
  4. I will use a reusable coffee-cup/water bottle
  5. I will avoid food waste.

Low carbon-commutes and travel

  1. I am going to choose to walk, cycle, take public transport or car share
  2. I am going to utilise e-vehicles for transport or delivery.