Prescribing Supervisor Competency Framework

From early 2019 regulatory changes will enable experienced independent prescribers to work as prescribing supervisors for the practice element of non-medical prescribing training. This is a role traditionally held only by medical prescribers (Designated Medical Practitioners).

We welcome the move to use independent prescribers in this role. It is an opportunity to draw on the expertise of different prescribing professions in the development of future non-medical prescribers and improves access to prescribing opportunities for the wider workforce. Multidisciplinary training remains central, drawing on the expert skills of each profession to develop informed, proficient prescribers able to deliver high quality patient care.

We are developing a competency framework for those taking on this role which will help programme providers and supervisors in ensuring training in practice is supported. It will provide a robust framework to ensure prescribing supervisors are active, experienced, skilled prescribers with the necessary education and training skills and experience to act in this role. Ensuring the quality of prescribing supervisors is essential to the development of safe and effective prescribers.

This is a multi-professional piece of work, and will be developed following a NICE accredited process. We are engaging wide range of stakeholders across Great Britain, including Royal Colleges and Professional Bodies, expert and specialist groups, patients and practitioners. As part of this process we are establishing a multi-professional steering group who will work closely with us to develop the framework.


Key Dates

We anticipate that the project will take approximately 12 months to complete and will update this page as the work progresses.

Estimated consultation: Summer 2019

Estimated Publication: December 2019

Further Information

If you'd like to know more or are interested in being involved with this work, please contact our Professional Support team: [email protected] .

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