Professional standards for community pharmacy services Building professional standards for community pharmacy services.

Community pharmacists should have a framework of professional standards to build upon.

Developing these standards will help us create a framework to deliver consistent, high quality pharmacy services for the people who use them. 

We'll speak to community pharmacists, community pharmacies, patients and other stakeholders throughout 2019 to help us develop these standards. 

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Key dates


  • January 16th 2019: Scoping workshop London 
  • January 22nd 2019: Scoping workshop Glasgow
  • February 7th 2019: Scoping workshop Cardiff
  • March 2019: Steering group discuss scope
  • March - September 2019: Draft 
  • September - October 2019: Public consultation 
  • October 2019: Thematic analysis of consultation responses
  • March 2020: Publication (TBC)
  • How RPS develops standards and guidance

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