In our inclusion and diversity survey, age was one of the barriers to working in pharmacy, where many said more could be done to support inclusion.

In our inclusion and diversity survey, age was the second-biggest barrier to working in pharmacy (disability was first) and an area where many said more could be done to support inclusion.

We want everyone to feel they belong in the profession, and want to ensure there are opportunities for everyone to fulfil their potential in pharmacy.


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Our senior members are a vital part of our mission to put pharmacy at the forefront of healthcare. With so many of you still active and engaged in the profession, we provide support through our retired pharmacists group.

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We’ve reviewed our processes for recruitment, national Board elections, awarding Fellowships and are committed to Equality Impact Assessments on all areas of our work.

We collect Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) data for our membership every year to understand more about our members and ensure our services are inclusive.

We’re working to achieve real and lasting change for pharmacy through challenge, advocacy with our profession, partners and contributors within and outside of pharmacy.


You can be affected by ageism at any stage of your career. 

Age-related microaggressions are the everyday, subtle, intentional and unintentional interactions or behaviours that communicate bias based on age. They can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself, and your career prospects. Find out how to challenge age-related microaggressions if you experience them, and how positive micro-affirmations can make all the difference to workplace culture.

Download our free posters on age-based microaggressions for your workplace too!

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Breaking barriers

Fire your imagination with the achievements and experiences of others.

Would you believe someone in their early thirties could be a Chief Pharmacist? Find out how ageism affects self-confidence - is it "the last acceptable prejudice"?

Would you be surprised to find yourself working with an MPharm student in their sixties? Find out more about one retiree who was often told: “You don’t look like a pharmacy student!

Have you thought about becoming a mentor for the next generation of pharmacists? One retired pharmacist shares her experience of mentoring.

Watch our livestream Women in Pharmacy, where you can learn how it feels to take on senior roles such as Chief Pharmacist at a young age.

Read about the experiences of one young pharmacist who made the switch from community to industry.

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You're not alone! Many RPS members have written about their experiences in promoting and fighting for Inclusion and Diversity in pharmacy.

Discover their stories and learn about how their experiences, background and culture have shaped who they are today.



“We retired pharmacists have the experience and skills to support the self-development of pharmacists at all stages of their career.” 
- Theresa Rutter, retired pharmacist.

“I feel that it is important for younger members of the profession to know that age is not a barrier to leadership. We can all show leadership in our own individual way. I firmly believe that we are all ambassadors for the profession.”
- Thorrun Govind, youngest ever Chair of the RPS English Pharmacy Board.

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Our ABCD group is a place to talk through ideas, create change, and build networks across the profession.

At our meetings we hear from people with lived experience and create a culture of belonging, champion inclusive and authentic leadership and challenge barriers to inclusion and diversity:

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