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Our survey on inclusion and diversity identified disability as the biggest barrier to working in pharmacy and the area where more could be done to support pharmacists.

We want to ensure there are opportunities for everyone to fulfil their potential in pharmacy. But there’s still a long way to go.

What we're doing

Our disability campaign challenges barriers to working in pharmacy for all pharmacists.

We want to ensure pharmacy can attract and retain talented individuals with disabilities.

Informed by volunteers with visible and non-visible disabilities from our Action in Belonging, Culture and Diversity group (ABCD), our campaign is:

Identifying the problems

We’re supporting our employees who identify as disabled and improving our recruitment processes, so they are inclusive and accessible.

  • We publish our disability pay gap and our action plan to improve this
  • We’re supporting our employees who identify as disabled and improving our recruitment processes, so they are inclusive and accessible; we’re part of the Government’s Disability Confident Scheme, which aims to make the most of the talents of disabled people
  • We’ve reviewed our processes for recruitment, national Board elections, awarding Fellowships and are committed to Equality Impact Assessments on all areas of our work
  • We collect Equality, Diversity and Inclusion data for of our membership on a yearly basis to understand more about our members and ensure our services are inclusive
  • We’re working to achieve real and lasting change for pharmacy through challenge, advocacy with our profession, partners and contributors within and outside of pharmacy
  • We want regulators for healthcare premises to include an assessment for disability access for employees
  • We’re working with Health Education England on disability inclusion to capture pharmacy accessibility data for trainee placements. Our ability group helps us develop our work on disability for the profession - to join the group, email [email protected]

What you can do

Together, we can tackle discrimination against people with disabilities in our pharmacy workplaces.

As a pharmacist, here are some actions you can take, and some resources to help you understand issues around disability.


Shanti Dhanda

Disability microaggressions are the everyday, subtle, intentional — and unintentional — interactions or behaviours that communicate bias based on disability.

Tackling microaggressions can make a real difference to workplace culture. Volunteers from our ABCD group have developed resources on microaggressions for you.

Breaking barriers

Aamer Safdar 3

Fire your imagination with the achievements and experiences of others.

Read more

You're not alone! Many RPS members have written about their experiences in promoting and fighting for Inclusion and Diversity in pharmacy.

Discover their stories and learn about how their experiences, background and culture have shaped who they are today.



“Disability is an experience –we’re not disabled by our disabilities and impairments, it’s the physical barriers, and bias, prejudice and negative attitudes that are disabling.”
- Shani Dhanda disability activist

“We need to find ways to establish a culture where disability can be openly discussed without fear that it will impact negatively on how capable you’re perceived as being.”
- Ruth Edwards, pharmacist

Join our Action in Belonging, Culture and Diversity (ABCD) Group

Our ABCD group is a place to talk through ideas, create change, and build networks across the profession.

At our meetings we hear from people with lived experience and create a culture of belonging, champion inclusive and authentic leadership and challenge barriers to inclusion and diversity:

If you share our passion for inclusion and diversity, get involved!


Pledge for Inclusion and Wellbeing

Sign our Pledge to demonstrate your support for a profession that's inclusive, celebrates diversity, creates a culture of belonging, and supports pharmacy teams’ health and wellbeing.


Already signed our pledge, but don’t know how to put it into action? We can help!