How to deliver culturally competent healthcare for communities and people from an ethnic minority background

An Inclusive Pharmacy Practice resource for all pharmacy professionals

Public Health England and the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s team at NHS England and NHS Improvement, working with partners, have developed this resource pack to signpost pharmacy teams across all parts of the NHS system to resources that can help you better:

  • Understand and interpret local population health data on health outcomes and inequalities
  • Engage and work with communities and people with an ethnic minority background to design culturally competent and tailored approaches to healthcare delivery.


There are many factors that impact our health and wellbeing, including our behaviours, the places that we live in, the care we receive, and the genes we were born with.

By understanding the population we serve, through better use of health data and being more culturally aware, pharmacy teams in secondary and primary care and community settings can improve care they provide to the people they serve and mitigate against health inequalities.