Pledge Testimonials

You'll be in good company when you support our Inclusion and Wellbeing pledge for pharmacy!


Dr Keith Ridge CBE, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England

"I would encourage pharmacists across all NHS services to join together and sign the pledge to demonstrate your personal commitment to workforce wellbeing and inclusive pharmacy practice.

"The pledge is another opportunity to renew our commitments and make them meaningful for each other as professionals, for our teams, for the people who use our services and for local populations, enabling us all to work collectively to transform services as we deal with the impact of COVID-19."

Andrew Evans, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for Wales

"The RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing pledge is a welcome step to bring us together, creating a sense of belonging for the whole pharmacy profession; it is a timely reminder of the importance of embracing diversity, rooting out unfairness and discrimination, and developing a positive and supportive culture within the pharmacy profession."


Alison Strath, Interim Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for Scotland

"The professionalism of Scotland’s pharmacists is exemplary – in particular demonstrating compassion and dedication throughout the pandemic when workloads across the country almost doubled.

"It is vital that we continue to do all we can as a profession to support each other and put inclusion and wellbeing at the heart of our approach to practice. Signing up to this important pledge demonstrates an ongoing commitment to create a positive culture at work which will help to ensure we continue to provide vital pharmaceutical care services to communities across Scotland."

UK Clinical Pharmacy Association

"We support the RPS in their Inclusion and Wellbeing programme and are delighted to take a pledge as an organisation to support the pharmacy profession to be more inclusive, and to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace."

Pharmacists' Defence Association

"The PDA commend the RPS for taking the topics of inclusion and of wellbeing seriously and encouraging the profession, and those who employ them, to do similarly. We hope that many employers of pharmacists, and pharmacists themselves, will not only consciously comply with the clauses of the pledge, but consider publicly adopting it in its entirety."


Pharmacist Support

"Pharmacist Support is delighted to be working with the RPS and others to support a more inclusive pharmacy profession and encourage positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. 

"We hope through the development of our wellbeing service that we can enable organisations across the sector to showcase their commitment to this pledge and to help support their teams to prioritise wellbeing.

"To make the changes needed across the profession, we would encourage others to sign up to the pledge and work alongside us to create a more inclusive profession that champions the wellbeing of our pharmacy family."

Mark Lyonette, Chief Executive of the National Pharmacy Association

“The NPA applauds the RPS’ efforts to bring the issues of inclusion and workplace wellbeing further up the agenda in our profession.

“This pledge contains important principles about respecting and supporting each other. Applying those principles benefits everyone, including patients and customers, as well as the people who work in and around pharmacy.

“This is a useful prompt to review working practices and personal behaviours, and a reminder that we must all constantly strive to do better.”

Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists

“The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists is proud as an organisation to make the RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge. As an organisation, the GHP are committed to promoting equality, valuing diversity and being inclusive in all our work and at all levels.”

Marc Donovan, Chief Pharmacist at Boots UK

"As the largest employer of pharmacists outside the NHS, Boots is proud to sign the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge. It builds on our own work in this area, which includes mental health first aid training, a team member assistance programme and access to wellbeing tools and materials."

Liz Fidler, President of the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK

"APTUK is proud to back the RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge as part of our commitment to promoting equality, valuing diversity and being inclusive. Pharmacy technicians and the whole team should feel supported and valued throughout their career.

"APTUK will continue to work with others across the profession to make change happen.  Only by valuing each other, respecting difference, and recognising how this makes us stronger, will we create a more unified profession."

Janice Perkins, Chair of the RPS Community Pharmacy Expert Advisory Group

"I’m proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to this hugely important work supporting my colleagues at the RPS. This is about everyone becoming aware of the challenges that many people face and making sustainable changes to what we do and how we do it, so everyone feels comfortable to be their authentic self."

Directors of Pharmacy Group

"The RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge is closely aligned to the NHS values and recognises the importance of promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and our commitment to look after each other. The Directors of Pharmacy group in Scotland therefore supports the pledge and encourages all pharmacy staff and the wider pharmacy teams and organisations to sign up and show their commitment today."

Ade Williams, Superintendent Pharmacist at Bedminster Pharmacy

“The past year has shone a spotlight on inequalities and the pressures facing pharmacy teams. More than ever we must do better for all those in our professional family to make pharmacy more inclusive and support their wellbeing. 

"This will need action from across the profession, from leaders, organisations, managers and individuals. Everyone who signs the RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge can play their part and I’d encourage all those in pharmacy to back this pledge, joining hands together with conviction and resolve to make change happen."

Nottingham University Hospitals Pharmacy

"We at NUH Pharmacy promise to uphold the values of inclusivity and wellbeing laid out in the RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing pledge. We will strive to grow our understanding of these issues for the benefit of our team and patients."

Jacqueline Lunardi, People Director at Well Pharmacy

“We’ve signed the RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge to actively show our support to make the pharmacy profession a more inclusive place, promoting mental health and wellbeing to all our colleagues."

Reena Barai, Independent Community Pharmacist

“As an independent contractor and employer, making sure my team are well and feel looked after is my top priority.

“I’d encourage everyone to back the RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge and show their commitment to helping make pharmacy a great place to work.”

Faisal Tuddy, Superintendent Pharmacist at Asda

"At Asda, we’re passionate about creating an inclusive culture which enables all of our colleagues to bring their best and true selves to work every day. We recognise and celebrate our differences to create a place where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential. 

"We’re proud to sign the Royal Pharmaceutical Societies Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge because it supports our commitment to be an inclusive place to work and shop. 

"From the rollout of our Rethink Mental Health training and our Wellbeing Hub, to the drumbeat of inclusion activity which supports awareness and understanding, we’re committed to making inclusion an everyday reality."

Jonathan Simms, Chair of the Welsh Pharmaceutical Committee

Congratulations on the launch of the RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge. This is an important initiative at an important time for pharmacy. 

"It reminds us that pharmacy teams across Wales and in every sector must be empowered and supported to deliver high quality patient care. It also brings to the forefront the need for supporting the profession with the right resources, environment and workplace culture. 

“Signing up to this pledge is an important step in a series of steps towards greater inclusion and wellbeing. I encourage my pharmacy colleagues across Wales to take this first step.”

Community Pharmacy Wales

CPW fully supports the RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge as it provides a real focus on the strength we have in the diversity of the profession across Wales.

“After a particularly challenging time for the profession, it also helps us to understand the support community pharmacy teams may need in sustaining high quality care to the communities we serve. 

“CPW encourages all its contractors to sign up to this important pledge, to commit to taking steps to achieve the objectives of the campaign and to encourage members of their community pharmacy teams to do the same.”

Simon Dukes, Chief Executive of the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

"PSNC supports the RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge. It reconfirms our commitment to work closely with our fellow national pharmacy representatives and the NHS to help community pharmacy to remain a sector that is accessible for everyone."

Tim Rendell, Head of Pharmacy at Day Lewis

“At Day Lewis, we are very supportive of this pledge and are always looking for ways to improve inclusion and wellbeing for all our colleagues.”

Primary Care Pharmacy Association

"The strength of any pharmacy team lies with its people, unless every team member is supported to excel, the team will not deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients. Together we celebrate diversity, and with an inclusive philosophy our profession can lead the way in assisting patients to get the very best from their medicines regardless of background, race, religion or orientation."

General Pharmaceutical Council

"The GPhC are supportive of the RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge. We are committed to delivering equality, improving diversity and fostering inclusion in all our work both as a regulator and as an employer. Our draft Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy outlines how equality, diversity and inclusion will sit at the heart of our organisational culture and the way we aspire to work.”