With 48.1% of pharmacists identifying as Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME), race is important for the pharmacy profession.

Race is one area in our inclusion and diversity survey where people thought more support was needed for the profession.

So, we’ve committed to changing attitudes around race in pharmacy, and removing any race-related barriers to career progression.

Race advocacy

As a student pharmacist, it has been liberating to see race advocacy work at the forefront of our profession. I hope that the changes and work I see early on in my career continues to develop.

- Viven Yu, Pharmacist

Senior representation

There is a lack of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic and female pharmacist representation at senior levels across pharmacy organisations, NHS senior leadership teams and national board level within pharmacy organisations.

- RPS ABCD Group

Challenges to address

We recognise that there’s a significant lack of racial diversity at senior levels in pharmacy. This isn’t fair, and it’s a waste of talent.

We want to understand and challenge this situation. We want to foster positive change to create a culture of belonging in the profession, and ensure how we work is fair.

Identifying the problems

Chief Pharmacist Raliat OnatadeMartin EguriduMartin Eguridu, primary care network pharmacist, explains some of the barriers for black pharmacists.

Chief Pharmacist Raliat Onatade considers how to engage the next generation of black pharmacists.

Fitness to Practice

We are committed to working with you and engaging with the GPhC to champion a fairer FtP process, addressing inequality and unconscious bias and greater support for pharmacists subject to discrimination or abuse.

Differential Attainment Gap

White students are statistically more likely to receive a higher-class university degree within the UK higher education system, compared with students from ethnic minorities.

students studying togetherCheck out our latest report, Chasing equality in pharmacy training - closing the awarding and attainment gap for Black trainees in pharmacy, which reveals a pharmacy degree awarding gap of 12% and a registration assessment attainment gap of 22.6% persists between Black and White trainees.

The General Pharmaceutical Council first recorded this variation in pharmacy registration assessment attainment for Black trainees in 2013, and the awarding gap at undergraduate level has been tracked by the Pharmaceutical Journal.

The report was informed by an extensive coalition of stakeholders, including RPS, and proposes targeted solutions including enhanced data analysis, fostering inspiration and role models, bias mitigation, and support during transitions. Read the full report here

Ensuring fairness and equality in FtP processes for BAME

Fitness to Practice fairness and equality due to the over-representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic pharmacists in FtP cases. There needs to be a fair FtP process, addressing inequality and unconscious bias.

- ABCD Group

Fostering a safe and supportive workplace for speaking up against discrimination

We want the freedom to speak up about the discrimination we experience and witness without fear of repercussions, being dismissed or considered a troublemaker by employers.

- RPS ABCD Group

Proposed measures for addressing discrimination and fostering inclusion in pharmacy practice

There needs to be greater support from employers and GPhC for pharmacists subject to discrimination or abuse. We want at least one mandatory revalidation entry focussed on inclusion and diversity or authentic leadership.

- ABCD Group

What you can do

Together, we can tackle racial inequality in our pharmacy workplaces.

As a pharmacist, here are some actions you can take, and some resources to help you understand racial inequality.

Zero tolerance for Microaggressions

Joan Mayers

Race microaggressions are the everyday, subtle, intentional — but often unintentional — interactions or behaviours that communicate bias based on race.

We've put together a page about racial microaggressions - including how to challenge them if you encounter them, and how positive micro-affirmations can make all the difference to workplace culture. Here you can also find out workshop Dr Joan Myers OBE and our downloadable posters. 

Empower yourself

Watch Bayo Adegbite, Tase Oputu, and Lola Dabiri in their conversation with RPS Head of Professional Belonging Amandeep Doll as they share their perspectives on the significance of representation, its impact on their personal and professional lives, and why it matters for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Opportunities to celebrate

Black History Month

Every year we celebrate Black History Month by sharing the stories of lived experiences, livestreams, blogs and much more. Catch up on how we celebrated Black History Month.

South Asian Heritage Month

Get inspired by the amazing South Asian leaders who shared their journey during South Asian Heritage Month and see the successes of many more through their profiles on Twitter and Instagram #SAHMPharm

Help further

Building Allyship

Allyship is where individuals come together to build a relationship of trust to gain a better understanding of a marginalised individual or group and their experiences. 

Pledge for Inclusion and Wellbeing

SABCD graphicign our Pledge to demonstrate your support for a profession that's inclusive, celebrates diversity, creates a culture of belonging, and supports pharmacy teams’ health and wellbeing.


Already signed our pledge, but don’t know how to put it into action? We can help!

Join our Action in Belonging, Culture and Diversity (ABCD) Group

Our ABCD group is a place to talk through ideas, create change, and build networks across the profession.

At our meetings we hear from people with lived experience and create a culture of belonging, champion inclusive and authentic leadership and challenge barriers to inclusion and diversity:

If you share our passion for inclusion and diversity, get involved!


RPS coat of armsWhat we're doing

At our RPS Action in Belonging, Culture and Diversity (ABCD) meetings – the forum where you talk with us about inclusion and diversity – you’ve raised key issues you want us to champion. Some of the things we're doing involve publishing our gender and ethnicity pay gaps reports and action plans, reviewing RPS National Board elections campaign and communication plans to ensure they are more inclusive and encourage candidates to stand for elections from all backgrounds and areas of practice.

Read our anti-racism statement

What you're telling us

You're not alone! Many RPS members have written about their experiences in promoting and fighting for Inclusion and Diversity in pharmacy.

Discover their stories and learn about how their experiences, background and culture have shaped who they are today.