The Royal Charter of the RPS

Queen ELizabeth 2

What does the "Royal" mean in Royal Pharmaceutical?

Royal Charters are awarded by the monarch of the United Kingdom to eminent professional bodies, learned societies or charities which "..can demonstrate pre-eminence, stability and permanence in their particular field".

As defined in our Charter, the objects of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society are to:

Safeguard, maintain the honour, and promote the interests of pharmacists in their exercise of the profession of pharmacy.

Promote and protect the health and well-being of the public through the professional leadership and development of the pharmacy profession.

Advance knowledge of, and education in, pharmacy and its application, thereby fostering good science and practice.

Maintain and develop the science and practice of pharmacy in its contribution to the health and well-being of the public.

Our Royal Charter

The RPS Charter, proudly on display in our Museum.

Our Royal Charter is proudly displayed in the RPS museum in London.

Once a charter has been approved by Her Majesty in Council, the vellum document is prepared by special printing.

An order is then made to direct the preparation of the warrant for the passing of the charter under the Great Seal. Upon receipt of this, the Queen signs the warrant itself and the charter is then sealed in the Crown Office.

The sealing process involves heating the two halves of the silver seal mould in an oven for half a day until it is hot enough. The two halves of the seal are then fused around the ribbon attached to the bottom of the charter.

A charter cannot be brought into force until this process has been completed.

What does our Charter mean?

We're here to:

Royal Recognition
  • Promote by any means the public understanding of pharmacy so that its contribution to the health of the nation is understood and recognised
  • Establish, support or maintain any benevolent or educational trusts or charitable companies or organisations, including those whose purposes are or include the relief of poverty or distress amongst members or former members of the Society and their dependants and amongst pharmacy students
  • Support and develop high standards of education or training, to hold, or cause to be held, assessments open to members or other persons, to administer assessment systems and to deal conclusively with appeals thereunder, and to cooperate with any other body or authority in connection with the exercise of power under this article
  • Award fellowships, honorary fellowships or memberships, and other distinctions of the Society
  • Establish and maintain databases, indices, libraries, museums and collections, and to publish or promote the publication of information or other material in any form
  • Undertake, encourage, fund or commission research and to publish or promote the publication of the results thereof
  • Cooperate with other bodies and authorities, and to enter into affiliations or any other arrangements conducive to the objects, and to absorb other bodies or groups of persons.