RPS Charter Medals

RPS Charter MedalFor work done by an individual ‘for the Society and the wider profession’ in promoting the interests of pharmacy at an outstanding level.

RPS Charter Medals were introduced in 1963 to recognise pharmacists’ work on both a national and local level. 

From 1964 a gold medal was awarded to pharmacists for their work on a national level, and a silver medal for work on a local level.

The Latin motto on the medal reads, Habenda Ratio Valetudinis, which is taken from Cicero, and translates as We Must Pay Attention To Our Health.

Previous awardees

Sir Hugh Linstead, who was awarded the Charter Gold Medal in 1972, was one of the youngest people to hold the position of Secretary and Registrar of the society, from 1926, and remained an officer of the Society for over 41 years. He played an important role in developing the legislation for the Pharmacy and Poison Act of 1933, and later promoted pharmacy in his role as MP for Putney from 1942 to 1964.

Eric Knott was awarded the Charter Silver Medal in 1965 for his dedication to Scottish pharmacy and his work as a ‘teacher of pharmacy’ as he referred to himself. He was Secretary of the Edinburgh and South-eastern Scottish Branch from 1949 to 1965, and taught as Principle of the Duncan School of Pharmacy, as well as later at Heriot-Watt College. 

Past Charter Medal winners

  • 2022 Jonathan Burton
  • 2020 Rose Marie Parr
  • 2018 John D'Arcey
  • 2017 Ian Bates
  • 2016 Mahendra Patel
  • 2015 David Thomson
  • 2014 Mair Davies
  • 2013 Joy Wingfield
  • 2012 John Gentle
  • 2011 Hemant Patel
  • 2010 Gill Hawsworth (Gold), B.H. Taylor (Silver)
  • 2009 Ann Lewis (Gold), Digby Emson (Silver)
  • 2007 John Cromarty (Gold)
  • 2005 Douglas Simpson (Gold)
  • 2002 Peter Noyce (Gold)
  • 2001 Prof Alison Blenkinsopp (Gold), Edward Mallinson (Silver)
  • 2000 Prof Sandy Florence (Gold), Dr Norman Lannigan (Silver)
  • 1999 David Coleman (Gold)
  • 1998 Prof David Ganderton (Gold), Dr Gordon Jefferson (Silver)
  • 1997 John Ferguson (Gold), Scott McConnell (Silver)
  • 1996 Dr Trevor Jones (Gold), Marshall Gellman (Silver)
  • 1995 Marion Rawlings (Gold), William Brookes (Silver)
  • 1994 Raymond Dickinson (Gold), Douglas Davidson (Silver)
  • 1993 Leslie Calvert and Joan Greenleaf (Silver)
  • 1992 Bernard Silverman (Gold), Dengar Evans (Silver)
  • 1991 Geoffrey Booth (Gold), Terence Turner (Silver)
  • 1990 Prof Jon Stenlake (Gold), Dr John Foy (Silver)
  • 1989 David Sharpe (Gold), John Irwin Harris (Silver)
  • 1988 John Balmford (Gold), Dr James Chilton (Silver)
  • 1987 Dr Frank Fish (Gold), Dr Mary Dawson (Silver)
  • 1986 Mr Robert Blyth (Gold), Mr Michael Jepson (Silver)
  • 1985 William Darling and Mr Desmond Lewis (Gold), Mr John Davies (Silver)
  • 1984 Mr J.P. Kerr (Gold), Mr Charles Prestan Robinson (Silver)
  • 1983 Mrs Estelle Leigh (Gold), Mr F.J Reynolds (Silver)
  • 1982 Mr 'Griff'  (Gold), T.M. David (Gold), Mr R. W. Harrison (Silver)
  • 1981 James Bloomfield (Gold), Mr A King (Silver)
  • 1980 Joe Wright (Gold), Mr Aubrey Winter Newberry (Silver)
  • 1979 Albert Howells (Gold), Mr L.A. Wood (Silver)
  • 1978 Dr Douglas Whittet (Gold), Mrs Jessie Rawcliffe (Silver)
  • 1977 Prof Arnold Beckett (Gold), Mr Murray Howitt (Silver)
  • 1976 Mr Arthur Fishburn (Gold), Mr Fred H. Oliver (Silver)
  • 1975 Mr Allen Aldington (Gold), Mr William Wright Hudson (Silver)
  • 1974 Dr Frank Hartley (Gold), Clifford Evans (Silver)
  • 1973 Harry Steinman or Mary Burr (Gold), Mr Robert Simpson Morrison (Silver)
  • 1972 Sir Hugh Linstead (Gold), C.E. Turner (Silver)
  • 1971 Mr E.A. Brocklehurst (Gold), Maxwell Gordon and Alexander Cowan (Silver)
  • 1970 Sir Harry Jephcott (Gold), Mr Stanley Durham and Mr John Raymond Phillips (Silver)
  • 1969 Mr Tom Clifford Denston (Gold), Charles Gray Drummond (Silver)
  • 1968 Cyril Maplethorpe and Mr W.J. Tristram (Gold), Mr J.A. Stewart and Mr F.C. Wilson (Silver)
  • 1967 F.W. Adams and Henry Humphreys Jones (Gold), Mr Samuel George Tydeman (Silver)
  • 1966 Mr Thomas Heseltine Mr Charles McArdle (Gold,)
  • 1965 Mr Donald William Hudson (Gold), Mr Eric Ashby Belford Knott (Silver)
  • 1964 Mr W.S. Howells and Thomas Edward Wallis (Gold), Mr Harry Roland Edgecombe (Silver)