Our #wearepharmacy campaign celebrated and recognised pharmacy - the diversity of roles and the ways in which you touch people’s lives.

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Meet our members...

Meet Adam…


A Pharmacist Manager at Lloyds Pharmacy in Cadishead. Both of Adam's two young children have Fabrys Disease and Ports, requiring enzyme replacement therapy every fortnight. His wife also has Fabrys disease and weak kidneys.

All three are at high risk and need to be fully isolated to shield them from COVID-19. 

Knowing he couldn’t risk infecting his family if he caught the virus, Adam has had to move to temporary accommodation for his work. He is now isolated from his family for at least 12 weeks for their own protection.

But, thanks to the kindness of his supervisor, Linda Potter, and her husband, Darren, Adam was able to move into temporary accommodation and get the things he needed to be away from his family home.

Adam is a pharmacist… and he is committed to protecting lives.

Meet Amira...


Dr Amira Guirguis is MPharm Programme Director at the new Pharmacy degree at Swansea University, but she initially trained as an accountant.

After retraining to become a pharmacist, she began to think that despite her expertise in medicines, knowledge of new drugs and herbal supplements sold over the Internet was limited. So, she undertook a PhD in Pharmacy.

Her research is helping to understand substance misuse and Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS). She helps to identify these drugs to inform clinical decision-making and prevent premature deaths.

As a single mother trying to balance a research or teaching careers, Amira is a role model for women in academia, and she mentors with the RPS and at Swansea University. She is about to visit the Middle East, to talk to schoolchildren there about pharmacy and career opportunities for pharmacists.

Dr Amira is a pharmacist… and she is spreading the importance of pharmacy across the world.

Meet Emily...


Emily was recently appointed as a Consultant Pharmacist in Rheumatology at North Bristol NHS Trust.

An independent prescriber in outpatient clinics reviewing general rheumatology and CTD/vasculitis patients, she also works with the Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee, developing and sharing a treatment cost comparator tool.

Inspired by the needs of her patients, she has redesigned biologic therapy services at Southmead Hospital, produced regional collaborative treatment pathways and designed a dose reduction program which has been shared nationally.

Emily is a pharmacist…and she’s implementing change, sharing best practice and working multidisciplinary teams.

Meet Helen…

helen chang

Helen is a pharmacist and Head of Professional Development here at the RPS.

Being a community pharmacist, Helen understands the challenges that pharmacy trainees face in practice.

Her journey into education and professional development happened organically, through being involved in various national projects. She hasn’t looked back since! 

Making a difference to members’ career and professional development is Helen’s mission in life! She loves supporting others (which includes hosting the RPS Pre-Reg Podcast), watching them grow and reach their full potential. 

Day to day, Helen develops products and services to support Pre-Reg trainees during their crucial training, ensuring they're ready for practice as a qualified pharmacist.

Helen is a pharmacist…and she helps those on their journey to become one.

Meet Paul…


A third-year student at the University of Sunderland School of Pharmacy, Paul Sambrooks is serious about a future in pharmacy. As Academic Student Representative, Paul has been a bridge between Sunderland students and faculty, as well as heavily involved with the Sunderland Pharmaceutical Students Association (SPSA).

Paul always has the needs of his fellow students at heart: with the SPSA he introduced numeracy workshops to improve their confidence when carrying out pharmaceutical calculations. In March 2019 he invited then-RPS President Ash Soni to talk to the Pharmacy Students of the Sunderland School of Pharmacy to help inspire and motivate them. By happy coincidence, on that same day Paul was elected President of the SPSA.

His hard work and commitment has won him The Jemma O’Sullivan Award for Care and Compassion in the Practice of Pharmacy from the University of Sunderland School of Pharmacy.

Paul is a pharmacy student...and is proud of the profession!

Meet Jane...


Jane Msumba is a third-year pharmacy student at the University of Nottingham - and she’s passionate about the profession not just in the UK but around the world!

Jane’s enthusiasm, confidence and openness to different viewpoints have given her an interest in global health; putting her in contact with fellow pharmacy students around the world, in Australia, the United States, India and Nigeria.

When she realised how few British-based pharmacy blogs there are, Jane decided to set up mypharmdiary on Instagram to rectify this situation. She’s also written a blog for the BPSA and started creating short videos on YouTube, to better share her experiences and knowledge as she studies to become a qualified pharmacist.

Jane is a pharmacy student…and she knows the importance of sharing knowledge!

Meet Saffah...


Saffah Danial is a third-year Pharmacy student at the University of Lincoln. 

As well as working on her own studies, Saffah is the first Pharmacy Support Ambassador at Lincoln, and has been working hard to be ready for Welcome Week in September, when the new cohort of Pharmacy students arrive to begin their studies. She’ll be there to introduce them to their new world and help them make the most of all the opportunities on offer.

Saffah’s participation in Dementia Friends sessions at University made her realise that small changes could make pharmacies more Dementia-friendly, so she has written a blog for Chemist and Druggist and applied to become a Dementia Friends Champion.

And during the Summer break, Saffah volunteered with Revitalise, a charity providing respite holidays for people with disabilities. Her dedication to helping patients and people in need is an inspiration for everyone!

Saffah will soon be a pharmacist...and she is the future of pharmacy.

Meet Harsha...

Harsha Parmar

Harsha Parmar is Deputy MPharm Programme Director at the University of Manchester. 

She developed a passion for education and training in community pharmacy, which is why she focuses on clinical pharmacy in her teaching.

Harsha’s vision for teaching is to provide a supportive learning environment so all learners can reach their full potential, ready to adapt to the changing landscape of healthcare.

Promoting health is important to Harsha, and she regularly appears on ITV’s Save Money Good Health. Her work in practice showed her how patients benefit from self-management and gives them the tools they need for better health outcomes. 

As a volunteer in medical camps in India she led teams of pharmacists, part of a multidisciplinary team for local communities. Harsha also volunteers in annual Health Awareness Days.

Harsha is a pharmacist...and she teaches pharmacists to put patients first from the start.

Meet Kundai...

Kundai Gomwe

Kundai Gomwe is a 2nd year pharmacy student from University of Manchester.

Although still studying for her degree, Kundai already makes a huge difference to people’s lives, driven by her love for science and helping others.

Currently, taking part in eight weeks' research placement funded by the Wellcome Trust, Kundai is researching seven commonly prescribed drugs in the treatment of UTIs, highlighting the ever- rising threat of antibiotic resistance.

And if studying pharmacy and trying to save the world from superbugs was not enough, every Sunday she volunteers at a hostel for homeless and refugee families. Kundai helps everyone with their homework, from toddlers to secondary school age, as well as language skills and play, creating a space for them to just be kids. She describes this as a highlight of her university experience, cementing her desire to care for others.

Kundai is a pharmacy student...and she is incredibly dedicated, compassionate and caring.

Meet Catherine…

Catherine Lowe

Catherine works in general practice where she reviews the medicines of older people and patients with long term pain.  Both are complex groups that require her clinical knowledge and behaviour change skills on a daily basis.

Her interest in medicine review began when she was a pharmacy student.  This led her to do a PhD and become a researcher at Leeds University.  The findings of that research are now widely accepted within the profession.

She is a great believer in improving patient care through team work.  These are values shared by the medical practice at Bishops Castle with whom she has developed a close working relationship since 2005.  Together they won the Community Hospital Association award for innovation and best practice in recognition of the work they did on improving patient discharge. 

In 2016 the practice invited her to join them and she became an integral part of the management structure.  She takes the lead on clinical quality and safety in addition to the usual responsibilities of being a pharmacist. 

Catherine is a pharmacist…she improves patient care through team work and innovation.

Meet Lelly...

Lelly Oboh

Lelly Oboh is a consultant pharmacist for the care of older people, she's been improving the lives of people in community and care home settings for over 20 years.

Lelly dreams of a day when pharmacists in all care settings are valued as medicines experts within integrated teams and every older person has ready access to a pharmacist wherever they access care.

Together with her team at Guy’s and St Thomas’, Lelly cares for older people living with frailty, have multiple long term conditions, complex health and social care needs. They work closely with patients, carers and members of the health and social care teams to best support their complex needs and ensure every older person gets the best outcomes they want from taking medicines as part of their routine care. 

Lelly's patients often need extra support to manage their medicines and have a higher risk of medicine related harm - Lelly and her team have helped patients to live a better quality of life, averted medicines errors, medicines related harm and hospital readmissions. 

Lelly is a pharmacist...and she transforms the lives of older people through better and safer use of medicines.

Meet Graham...


Chief pharmacist at Turning Point, Graham is a specialist in substance misuse and helps people affected by substance use disorder, as well as helping shape substance misuse services locally and nationally. 

Turning Point support over 83.000 people with health, well-being and social care needs across the country. Graham and his team help people with drug and alcohol problems discover new possibilities in their lives. 

Many of their patients access drug treatment because they want to live a life free of dependence on both prescribed and illicit drugs. With Graham’s support patients take a path that leads them to recovery. 

Graham is a pharmacist...and he saves lives!


Meet Wendy…


Born above a South Wales pharmacy, it seemed inevitable that Wendy was going to become a community pharmacist.

In 1997, after having her second child, Wendy set up a helpline to advise mothers about drugs in breast milk and made it the subject of her PhD. The service, Drugs in Breastmilk, became so popular that in 2011 she began running it full-time.

Wendy is a lifeline for so many women and an invaluable source of advice and knowledge for her fellow pharmacists and healthcare professionals.

Breastfeeding affects how women think about medicines, and many put up with all kinds of symptoms rather than taking them, in order to protect their baby above everything else.

Wendy's work was recognised by the Queen earlier this year, when she was awarded an MBE for services to mothers and babies. 

Wendy is a pharmacist...and she provides specialist medicines knowledge for all.

Meet Ade…


Lead pharmacist at Bedminster’s award-winning Healthy Living Pharmacy, Ade and his team don’t just treat common ailments: they also keep an eye out for symptoms of serious illnesses and educate patients to make better lifestyle choices.

Many of Ade’s patients suffer from poor health caused by bad habits that other patients mostly avoid. Fortunately, Ade and his team encourage any health and medicine related queries, and are available for every patient who comes through their door - many of whom were unaware that pharmacists could offer private rooms to discuss problems in confidence!

Shocked a third of people in the South-West can’t name any symptoms of bowel cancer, Ade and his team covered their pharmacy with bowel cancer awareness messages and hit the radio waves to spread the word! They also gave pancreatic cancer awareness the same focus with Ade now an ambassador of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Charity.

Ade’s partnerships with charities, GPs, local businesses and media have educated his patients about spotting common symptoms and the importance of early diagnosis of cancers.

Ade is a pharmacist…and he saves lives.


Meet Sommaya...


As a prison pharmacist working across 11 secure institutions, her work routine is very different from most people's. 

It's a tough job! Longer sentences mean prisoners are getting older and many have physical disabilities, so it's a balancing act between medicines management and adherence to prison security. 

A large cohort of prisoners have a history of substance misuse, self harm and poor mental health in general. But this means her medicines expertise can make a real difference to the lives of prisoners. 

By risk-assessing patients, reviewing their medicine and making sure they take their medicines, Sommaya's team is improving prison life for everyone. And pharmacists and pharmacy technicians now manage clinics for long term conditions, pain management and MDT, as well as helping to train prison staff in medicines management. Despite the high-security setting, Sommaya and her pharmacy team treat their patients just like any other. 

Sommaya is a pharmacist...and she's there to help everyone.

Meet Haifa...


A consultant pharmacist, Haifa looks after heart and lung transplant patients and those with ‘mechanical heart pumps’ at the Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital, one of  the largest specialist heart and lung centres in UK. It’s a tough job but she does it with a big smile and heaps of enthusiasm.

Her passionate belief in pharmacists has persuaded the whole hospital of their value.

Every day Haifa pushes boundaries, meets challenges and makes life-or-death decisions for medically very complex patients requiring intensive care before, during and after their transplants.

Thanks to Haifa, pharmacists are now an integral part of MDTs: they check drug charts, review, stop and start drugs, manage drug interactions, provide lifelong support through medicines optimisation clinics, educate patients to administer therapy and even prescribe the anti-rejection medicines.

Haifa is a pharmacist...and she saves lives. 

Meet Paul...

Paul A community pharmacist in Bexhill-on-Sea, Paul is a firm believer in supporting and training his team so they can spend more time with patients.

Paul utilises his clinical knowledge and uses the Medicines Use Review (MUR) service to advise prescribers and GPs about patient outcomes from their use of medicines.

Paul recently helped a patient who needed to pee every two hours at night. After Paul reviewed her bladder control medicines and recommended some changes she now enjoys an uninterrupted sleep every night without needing the toilet.

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference to people!

Paul is a pharmacist...and he makes people's live better.

Meet Shirin...


A pharmacy manager and RPS ambassador, Shirin’s professional life is a busy whirlwind!

On any given day she might be training pharmacy technicians, reviewing medications, responding to media requests for the RPS, supporting other healthcare professionals with advice or managing her own community pharmacy team.

Shirin's role in safeguarding her patients is vital: just this week she stopped three hospital admissions, reviewed medicines for another 14 patients and checked that all her patients on anti-inflammatories were also taking the appropriate protections for their stomachs.

Shirin is a pharmacist...and she loves her job.

Meet Sital...


Specialist Hepatology Pharmacist at King's College Hospital, Sital leads Hep C treatment delivery across South East London.

One day she treats patients at the pharmacist-led treatment clinic, the next she’ll be travelling around South London on a mobile bus testing, diagnosing and treating the homeless.

But that’s not all: Sital also works with local GP practices and prison healthcare providers to develop and improve new hepatitis C treatment pathways.

Highly skilled, creative and an expert in medicine, Sital’s expertise helps every single patient on the ward. 

Sital is a pharmacist…and she saves lives.

Meet Sarah…


A Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Liver and Private Patient Services at King’s College Hospital, Sarah leads on the pharmacy service for transition liver patients. 

Sarah supports patients with a variety of liver conditions, and their families. Liver intensive research is very limited, so when faced with complex problems, she has to think on her feet and get creative! 

Whether she’s helping doctors, supporting nurses, screening medication charts, supplying medications not kept on wards, attending consultant-led ward rounds, or prescribing, amending and deleting medications - it’s all in a day’s work for Sarah!

Sarah is a pharmacist…and she saves lives.


Meet Margaret...


A Community Pharmacist in Banwell, North Somerset, Margaret piloted a ground-breaking service to improve early detection of dementia in her village.

Margaret and her team know their customers well, so they offer a chat and mini cognitive test to anyone they're concerned might be beginning to suffer from memory loss. 

By inspiring the whole pharmacy team to get involved, Margaret has been able to make the service available throughout the day.

Of those assessed by Margaret and her team, over a quarter had noticed a significant change in their memory. Now, with earlier detection of dementia, they can be referred to other health services for better support.

Margaret is a pharmacist and a friend...and every day she makes people’s lives better!

Meet Poonam...

Poonam webA Lead Pharmacist specialising in paediatric oncology and haematology, Poonam Lumb's special interest is in bone marrow transplantation.

 Poonam and her colleagues care for incredibly sick children, from across the world, with complex conditions day in and day out.

Poonam has to find ways to make life saving medicines safe and effective in children who are unable to swallow due to the side effects of their treatment… children who are sedated and can only receive their medications, and food, via their veins.

Poonam is a pharmacist...and she saves lives.

Meet Caroline...

Caroline web

A Specialist Women's & Children's Pharmacist at Imperial College, Caroline is a vital part of a multidisciplinary team who look after pregnant women with complex medical conditions, such as HIV, renal transplants and haematological disorders.

They also take care of a thousand babies a year, ensuring medicines are safe for them to take.

Caroline is always there, teaching children how to take medicines and use medical devices to take control of their conditions, supporting the team and families with a smile and providing first class medicine advice 24/7. 

Caroline is a pharmacist …and she saves lives!

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