Working with government

Your voice in government
and the media

As long as we’re here, pharmacy will have a seat at the table. 

We shape political decisions and policy so they take the needs, concerns, and aspirations of pharmacists into account. 

We make sure government never forgets the value of pharmacists and our profession. 

And we bring a vital perspective to discussions and consultations on patient safety.

So we can make sure we’re always doing right by patients.

England, Scotland and Wales

We work closely with ministers, officials, local government, the NHS and local commissioning groups, academia, voluntary sectors, regulators, Royal Colleges, patient groups… The list goes on. 

We have dedicated teams in England, Wales and Scotland working closely with each country’s government, making sure our representation and promotion of pharmacy reflects how devolution has changed healthcare.

As well as local focus, we draw on our united power as an organisation to come together and influence policy at the highest levels, affecting healthcare across the whole of Britain. 

We support the work of the All-Party Pharmacy Group.