RPS Regions

2022 sees the exciting launch of 14 new RPS Regions, with a clear focus on local engagement for the whole RPS membership. 

Each of the RPS Regions will enable pharmacists at all stages of careers and from all sectors to network within a defined geographical area. RPS Regions will bring RPS policies, services, and products to life within a local area with an annual face to face event and regular digital events.

What is the purpose of RPS Regions?

1. To enable pharmacists at all stages of career and from all sectors to network within a geographically specific networking, both face to face and digitally.

2. To provide an annual event for RPS members at a local level. 

3. To share best practice, celebrate success and provide professional support locally. 

4. To bring RPS policies, services and products to life within a local area.

5. To provide feedback to RPS on its policies, services and products to enable RPS to adapt and change to meet members’ needs. 

The14 Regions across GB, are shown here:

Regions Map edit637908820062855864


  • RPS East of England
  • RPS London
  • RPS Midlands
  • RPS North East England and Yorkshire
  • RPS North West England
  • RPS South East England
  • RPS Jersey
  • RPS South West England


  • RPS North Scotland
  • RPS East Scotland
  • RPS West Scotland


  • RPS North Wales
  • RPS South West Wales
  • RPS East Wales

RPS Regional Ambassadors

Each RPS Region will have an assigned RPS Regional Ambassador. 

These Ambassadors will be recruited via an approved application process, and members of all sectors and career stages are encouraged to apply. They will lead the RPS Region group and work with the RPS to create and deliver the Region's annual and quarterly events. 

Ambassadors will also lead a digital networking group for the Region upon the launch of RPS Connect. They will share RPS policies with pharmacy and wider colleagues and bring the RPS to life within their Region. 

Ambassadors will be sharing feedback from members in their Region about what the RPS can do for them. They can signpost members to the products and services that RPS offers and be a link between the organisation and our membership.

Applications for Ambassadors are now being taken