iPhone6---iRx RPharmS-iRx is your tool to gather the in-depth knowledge required to be a medicines expert, providing optimal care for your patients. 

The app will support you in developing your knowledge and understanding of the action and uses of medicines, to assist you advise your patients on how to take their medicines safely and effectively. 

RPharmS-iRx provides you with the means to record tailored information onto your tablet or smartphone for easy reference.

iRx contains a formulary of approximately 200 commonly prescribed and specialist medicines, each with an editable template. Users can populate each drug template with a range of scientific and therapeutic information, including ‘BRAINS & AIMS’, which have been developed in line with the British Pharmacological Society (BPS) core curriculum.

Notes can be made on the drug template in text, voice, or image formats. You can also add links to useful webpages to a template.

Completed templates can be emailed to tutors for marking and feedback, or shared with colleagues.


Simply download the app and login with your RPS membership number and surname.

Download RPharmS-iRx on the App Store Download RPharmS-iRx on Google Play

RPharmS-iRx has been developed jointly by the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and the School of Medicine of King's College London, in partnership with King’s Health Partners’ Pharmaceutical Sciences Clinical Academic Group.

This project has been supported by a grant from the College Teaching Fund, King's College London.

Acknowledgements: Dr Greg Scutt, Dr Andrew Webb, Prof Albert Ferro, Prof Graham Davies