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The Foundation Pharmacy Framework, the FPF, was developed in partnership with CoDEG and representatives from across the profession and across GB. The framework builds on the widely used General Level Framework (the GLF), to ensure it is applicable to all sectors across pharmacy and across Great Britain.

Foundation Practice is the knowledge, skills and behaviours that collectively form the building blocks for all pharmacists across all sectors. We know that pharmacy practitioners who are well supported and understand what is required are better equipped to adapt and deliver pharmaceutical care. The Foundation Pharmacy Framework (FPF) provides a structured approach to paving the way for you to realise your competence, demonstrate your experience, facilitate advancement or develop special interests. 

The Foundation Pharmacy Framework (FPF) will support you to achieve the core skills, knowledge and behaviours that are essential for all pharmacy practitioners. A blend of these key components provides a baseline for safe and effective pharmacy practice which underpins all roles within pharmacy practice and ensures a foundation of essential skills which can be built on depending on your focus and expectations for career development. The FPF can be used by all pharmacists at any career stage as a way of capturing experiences in practice and identifying learning gaps and areas for further development. As well as supporting foundation practice for individuals, the FPF can be used by education and training providers, employers and mentors to guide and set expectations for development.

The FPF forms the backbone of the RPS Foundation Programme and will be a valuable tool for all practitioners helping to identify their own learning gaps and providing them with a structured career progression programme.