Introduction to research and evaluation


This handbook aims to highlight the value of research and evaluation in pharmacy practice and inspire pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to recognise and further develop this area of their professional role.

It is intended for use by pharmacists in all sectors (community, primary care, secondary care, industry and academia) and pharmaceutical scientists. This handbook will likely to be of practical use to those in the earlier stages of their research career and of interest to those for whom research and evaluation is already a strong area of professional practice. It signposts to support and resources for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists who are looking to develop research and evaluation within their own practice or support others to do so.  

Sections in this handbook

  1. Overview of research and evaluation
  2. Types of research and evaluation
  3. Research and evaluation elements
  4. Getting started
  5. Support for research and evaluation
  6. Opportunities for funding
  7. Applying for funding
  8. Dissemination and impact
  9. Research, evaluation and career development
  10. Additional support resources