Pharmacy guide

Are you a qualified prescriber?

This guide has guidance and support useful during your career, including useful resources, keeping up-to-date, maintaining your prescribing competencies, supporting others, therapeutic resources and expanding your scope of clinical practice.

You will also find practical guidance and support on prescribing scenarios such as repeat prescribing, prescribing for yourself, close family and friends, prescribing and dispensing or administering for the same person, and prescribing for patients remotely.

First Published: 16 October 2021
Updated: 10 January 2023

Sections on this page

  • Keeping up-to-date
  • Maintaining your prescribing competencies
  • Return to prescribing
  • Networking
  • Leadership and Mentoring
  • Expanding your scope of clinical practice
  • Professional Judgement
  • Prescribing outside your scope of practice or for another prescribers’ patients - repeat prescribing
  • Prescribing for yourself and close family and friends
  • Prescribing and dispensing or administering for the same person
  • Prescribing for people remotely
  • Prescribing safely - medicine safety, legal and ethical, and clinical governance
  • Pharmaceutical care - medicines optimisation, clinical check, medicines reconciliation and medication review (including SMRs)
  • Therapeutic areas - clinical resources
  • Further resources and support - wellbeing, training, e-books and careers

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