Oral retinoids and the Pregnancy Prevention Programme

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This pharmacy guide covers safe prescribing, dispensing and counselling advice to protect people who use oral retinoids.

This includes patients who are at risk of pregnancy under the Pregnancy Prevention Programme (PPP)

First Published: 16 January 2020
Updated: 17 November 2023

Sections on this page

  • What is the Pregnancy Prevention Programme?
  • Does the PPP apply to all retinoids?
  • Do all female patients have to enter the PPP?
  • Pregnancy testing under the PPP
  • Contraception requirements under the PPP
  • Education for healthcare professionals and people taking oral retinoids
  • Prescribing under the PPP
  • Monitoring
  • Dispensing retinoids under the PPP
  • Counselling for all people (male and female) on retinoids
  • When to refer
  • Further information

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