Research and Evaluation Guides

Research is the process of retrieving knowledge that can be generalised or transferred. It is widely recognised that research-active organisations deliver better outcomes for patients and, therefore, all health professionals (and especially in pharmacy) have a key role in leading or supporting the delivery of research.

Here you'll find guidance to help you critically evaluate evidence, develop your own research study, source funding, and disseminate your findings. These resources have been developed for all pharmacy professionals, at all levels, to help build knowledge, skills and confidence in researchWe have introductory and more advanced content, as well as signposts to further recommended resources.

This guide sits alongside other guidance and support from the RPS, to guide you at every stage of your career and at every level of engagement with research activities.

We also publish openly accessible guidance and support resources for all professionals to help build the capacity for research and evaluation across the sector.

We want to build pharmacy professionals’ knowledge and skills in research, so they can help provide the evidence base to improve the practice of pharmacy and the health of the public.

Also check out our bespoke e-learning series, funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) and aimed at practitioners with little or no experience of research.

We offer a range of research support services to help you develop your research potential.

If you need help getting started, get in touch with our research team at [email protected].