Building a Research Team & Collaborating

An effective research team will determine the success of your research delivery. Ideally, your team should work collaboratively, drawing on a range of complimentary, interdisciplinary knowledge bases to drive your research forward. If participants are not as invested in or supportive of the research project, they may not engage in communications as consistently and delay progress. It is therefore extremely important to carefully consider who you recruit to be a part of your research team.  


This guide will introduce you to the importance of working collaboratively, who should be included in your research group, how to define the roles of each group member, and the potential challenges of multidisciplinary work.

Key points covered in this guide

  • The key members of a research group and their roles
  • How to identify an effective supervisor
  • A mentor's role in your research projects
  • How to overcome the challenges of multidisciplinary collaboration

First Published: 23 March 2023

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