Smoking cessation services audit

There are several resources and tools available for download to support you in your smoking cessation service clinical audit. The audit templates can be used to compare services with existing standards and identify any areas for improvement. The audit standards and the data collection forms can be adapted by each practitioner to reflect the particular service they provide, and the populations they encounter.

Data collection forms

We have developed some data collection forms to assist you in capturing information on your smoking cessation services. These forms are downloadable in Word format and can be used as a whole, or you can adapt them for your particular needs, services and patient population. They are intended as suggestions for data collection and not all the data or standards may be relevant to your particular service. If you are collecting and storing patient data you will need to ensure that you comply with data protection policies.

The forms have been divided up so that you can print off those which best match the service you provide and the data you wish to collect.

  1. Pharmacist and patient details
  2. Reason for patient interaction
  3. Health status of the patient
  4. Advice and support provided: Basic (advice, written information, referral)
  5. Advice and support provided: Advanced (discussion of previous quit attempts, relapses, lifestyle advice)
  6. Advice and support provided: Pharmacotherapy
  7. Intervention delivered
  8. Outcome & success measures
  9. Identifying shortcomings and planning improvements

Further information and resources

External resources