Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement in Research

Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE), in research, refers to actively working with patients, carers, and/or members of the public as part of the research planning, design, management, and reporting process.

 “Nothing about me without me”

PPIE can be thought of as a collaboration or partnership between researchers and members of the public, through which research is co-produced. PPIE can also be referred to as Public Involvement (PI) or Patient, Carer and Public Involvement (PCPI) in research. Sometimes the terms service user, lay member or consumer are used, rather than patient or member of the public.

This guide will introduce you to the importance of consistent patient and public engagement in research. For information on PPIE in service evaluation or quality improvement, please refer to our hubs on these specific topics.

Key points covered in this guide

  • Why involve patients & public in pharmacy research?
  • How to select patient & public team members
  • The importance of patient & public contributions throughout the research cycle

First Published: 28 April 2023

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