Turning your ideas into a research project

The starting point for any research is to determine what needs to be investigated and why. The decision to undertake research may be a desire to contribute to existing work, or to address a specific area of health burden; however, narrowing down to a specific research topic or question, and developing clear research aims and objectives, can be challenging.

This guide provides information about the groundwork required in order to turn your ideas into researchable topics. It describes how to formulate research questions by using evidence to narrow down a broader topic, and how to write clear aims and objectives.

Key points covered in this guide

  • The purpose of reviewing existing research evidence
  • The main stages involved in searching for, and identifying, high-quality evidence from a variety of sources
  • How to develop good research question?
  • How to develop clear research aims and objectives?

First Published: 25 October 2022

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