Return to practice and CPD

Continuing professional development is key to a successful return to practice. You might have been undertaking CPD during your time away from practice and it is a good idea to review what you completed in that time. If you want to start your CPD now, think about the area of practice you hope to be working in and consider your gaps in knowledge and skills. You might want to join one of our online network groups in the area of practice you wish to return to, so that you can contact other colleagues about recent changes relevant to CPD. The Return to Practice online group will put you in touch with others who may be in a similar situation and can help or provide a learning partner.

What records do I need?

While you are out of practice, it is best to develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP) so that you can evaluate your current knowledge and skills and to identify any knowledge and skills gaps especially in relation to your intended future roles. If you are still registered with the GPhC, your online CPD recording system has a PDP template which you may find helpful.

If you have not been on the GPhC register for more than 12 months, you will be expected to submit a portfolio of evidence of current competence and also a PDP as part of your application for returning to the register.

It is always good practice to keep a learning portfolio (especially when you are out of practice) so that you can use this portfolio to collate your evidence in preparation for your return to practice. This could then be updated to suit the GPhC's requirements,if you decide to submit a registration application.

As part of your learning portfolio you can use the CPD framework and your PDP to identify areas you feel you need to develop, against the competencies for the role you will undertake. In this way, you can start from reflection and work through a complete CPD cycle for each of the areas identified. You may also become aware of additional learning that you need to undertake and this can be recorded by starting a new CPD cycle.