Supporting you with return to practice


The RPS mentoring service is fundamentally a relationship between mentor and mentee members who work in and are returning /changing to a similar sector or field of practice and whose shared experiences facilitate learning and reflection.

The mentoring relationship is on mutual trust and respect, where confidentiality is paramount. A clear contract for development should be established that is equally flexible so, if on reflection, the mentoring agenda or focus needs modification to support reviewed expectation, that this is enabled.

A mentoring relationship can be either short or long term (e.g. you might only be interested in a one- off session to discuss a specific issue).

If you are looking for a mentor in a particular sector of practice, you could register on our online mentoring database and access this service.

You may also wish to check if your LPF is offering any mentoring support.

Your LPF Facilitator or steering group members will be able to advise on any local events and workshops.

Some people find that work shadowing is a useful way to identify their learning needs and develop strategies to meet those needs.

Your local practice forum may be able to put you in contact with pharmacists in your area and discuss opportunities for shadowing prior to your return.

You could also approach your prospective employer and discuss a plan for your return to practice in your role. This may include elements of work shadowing prior to undertaking independent responsibilities in your role.

Can RPS Faculty help me?

If you have previously completed your early years practice we encourage you to join the RPS Faculty our new professional recognition programme for members. You do not have to be registered with the GPhC to join the RPS Faculty

The Faculty helps you identify what you need to know at different stages of practice, across all sectors, allowing you to continually advance in your development. More importantly the Faculty recognises your previous professional development and helps you to plan and demonstrate to the GPhC your levels of attainments and progress.