Setting up a flu vaccination service


The flu (seasonal influenza) vaccination (“flu jab”) is offered free by the NHS (this includes from pharmacies through locally/nationally commissioned/contracted services e.g. a patient group direction (PGD) to those people who are in the “at risk” groups.

Those who are not eligible to obtain it free on the NHS can have the flu vaccination from pharmacies offering the service privately e.g. via a PGD. It can also be prescribed and/or administered under the directions of a pharmacist prescriber (this route falls outside the scope of this guide).

This guidance is for pharmacy owners who are thinking of setting up a service in their pharmacy to provide the flu vaccination to people via a PGD.  It discusses useful points on the professional aspects of the service, which you should consider when you are setting up the service.

You can also find information on providing the flu vaccination service during the pandemic on our COVID-19 hub page.

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