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Pharmacists can use this guide to help them when supplying POM-V and POM-VPS medicines against a veterinary prescription, including controlled drugs (CDs) and medicines for administration under the Cascade. It can also be used to support requests for unauthorised veterinary medicines (GSL and P medicines) over-the-counter.

First Published: 06 October 2016
Updated: 13 October 2022

Sections on this page

  • Veterinary prescriptions requirements 
  • Controlled Drug prescriptions
  • The Cascade
  • Labelling
  • Record keeping
  • Audit
  • Reporting adverse reactions
  • Physical presence of a pharmacist
  • Supply of NFA-VPS AND POM-VPS medicines
  • Sale and supply of unauthorised veterinary medicines
  • Selling veterinary medicines over the internet 
  • Categories of veterinary medicines and their characteristics
  • Further information

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