RPS Pharma Scene #19 - The future of pharmacy?

With Santosh Sahu, CEO of Charac

In episode 19 of our RPS Pharma Scene podcast, Stephen Goundrey-Smith of the RPS Digital Pharmacy Expert Advisory Committee talks to Santosh Sahu, CEO of Charac, about the role of digital pharmacies in UK healthcare, both today and in the future.

Santosh set up Charac because he believes primary care in the UK is struggling to meet demand, and he wants Charac to bridge growing health inequalities, especially within the UK's most deprived communities.

Stephen and Santosh are both involved in pharmacy's.adoption of new technologies and operating models, so this is a fascinating listen for anyone interested in digital pharmacy.

Santosh Sahu

About Santosh

Santosh Sahu is the CEO and founder of Charac, the pharmacy app helping independent pharmacies digitise their services.

Santosh brings entrepreneurial and visionary leadership to his position, with a proven track record of developing and executing digital strategies that transform the businesses and create value for shareholders and employees while having a considerable impact on society.

He is an MBA qualified executive and board member, with over 20 years of experience in banking (credit card processing) and retail, and for the last six years has been working in the "last-mile" delivery logistics markets to solve strategic and tactical business problems using digital processes and technology.

Stephen Goundrey-SmithAbout Stephen

Stephen Goundrey-Smith is an experienced and versatile pharmacist and pharmacy informatics specialist. He has an extensive knowledge of systems that handle medicines and pharmacy information across the NHS, in both primary and secondary care, and the pharmaceutical industry.

As well as working with pharmacy IT in a pharmacy practice context, he has been a system designer in the IT industry and has worked at national level to influence health IT policy for the pharmacy profession. Stephen is a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Digital Pharmacy Expert Advisory Committee. He has also been pharmacy clinical lead in the development of record standards for pharmacy by the Professional Records Standards Body.

He is an active member of the Faculty of Clinical informatics, promoting education and development in clinical informatics and is the author of two publications on pharmacy informatics, Principles of Electronic Prescribing and IT in Pharmacy: An Integrated Approach. He has also been a keynote speaker at several international conferences. 

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