RPS Pharma Scene #22 - Becoming a final signatory

With pharmacist and final signatory Moriam Ajala

In episode 22 of our Pharma Scene podcast, Ciara is lucky enough to be joined by Moriam Ajala, a pharmacist and final signatory.

If you're interested in becoming a final signatory, then Moriam has some excellent advice for you.

Final signatories check the medical accuracy of scientific content, and compliance with Code of Practice and ABPI. It's their job to ensure that all the medical information included with a drug or treatment is accurate, balanced, and does not compromise patient safety. 

Moriam speaks to Ciara about the various roles she's held in different companies, and how she eventually moved on to become a final signatory.

Is it a role for you? Listen and find out!

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About Moriam

Moriam AjalaMoriam obtained her MPharm from the University of Manchester and is now a GPhC registered pharmacist who has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for the past seven years. She has held roles across various therapy areas including respiratory, cardiovascular, diabetes and oncology. She also has a Postgraduate Certificate in Oncology for the Pharmaceutical Industry, from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

She has been a final signatory for the past five years, working with multiple pharmaceutical companies to ensure that UK law and the ABPI Code of Practice are adhered to. She recently launched a company that helps pharmacists who want to transition into pharmaceutical industry. 

She is passionate about helping companies remain compliant while exploring new ways of working with technology and social media. Balancing quality time with family and friends alongside a career is a priority to Moriam, and she hopes she can help other pharmacists do the same.

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