Gino Martini, former Chief Scientist at the RPS

RPS PharmSci Today

Listen back to our original podcast on pharmaceutical science, with former Royal Pharmaceutical Society Chief Scientist, Professor Gino Martini.

Professor Martini was joined by movers and shakers from pharmaceutical science, looking at the latest issues, questions, innovations, and technologies across PharmSci and research.

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The final episode...

With episode #30 PharmSci Today has come to an end, but you can still get your pharmacy podcast news and views from our all-new RPS Pharma Scene podcast covering the entire profession.

Every fortnight, on RPS Pharma Scene we'll be talking to guests and experts from across the profession...and beyond!

RPS Pharma Scene is available to listen to on our website, as well as on most podcast distribution networks, including Spotify and Apple.

RPS PharmSci Today #30

August 2021

Gino is joined by James Rickard, Chief Scientific Officer at Biotherapy Services.

James, a former Deputy Chief Pharmacist at The Royal London Hospital, has been developing new therapies that will allow pharmacists to successfully treat difficult wounds, such as diabetic leg ulcers.

They discuss these new treatments, their remarkable results, and how pharmacists will be central to administering them.

RPS PharmSci Today #29

May 2021

Gino is joined by RPS CEO Paul Bennett, and the two of them talk to Ian McCubbin OBE, Manufacturing Advisor for the UK Vaccine Taskforce, and former Senior Vice President for Global Manufacturing and Supply at GlaxoSmithKline.

Ian shares his observations on a long and distinguished career in pharmacy, and more recently on being at the heart of the pandemic response.

RPS PharmSci Today #28

April 2021

In this episode, Gino talks to David Hipkiss, CEO of Enesi Pharma, about developments in solid dose formulation and needle-free delivery for vaccines.

Vaccines have come under unprecedented scrutiny during the pandemic, and the two look at ways in which these new technologies could dramatically change the way we store vaccines and deliver them in future.

RPS PharmSci Today #27

April 2021

This episode, Gino talks to Dr Derek O'Hagan, Senior Advisor Vaccines R&D at GlaxoSmithKline.

A pharmacist and an expert on the formulation and delivery of vaccines, Derek, has been involved in the creation of vaccines all the way - from basic research to licensing on the market.

Derek and Gino look at the latest developments in vaccines for COVID-19 and the many ways a background as a pharmacist has been useful in industry.

RPS PharmSci Today #26

March 2021

It's a busy episode #26 of PharmSci Today, as Gino is joined by the NHS Lothian pharmacy team: Melinda Cuthbert, Claire Hannah, Jenny Scott, Julie Harrold, Fiona Clarke and Anne Neally.

The team discuss their experiences of working through the COVID-19 pandemic: both individual and group stories of troubles, triumphs and dedication.

RPS PharmSci Today #25

March 2021

Gino is joined by Professor Chris Molloy, CEO of the Medicines Discovery Catapult, who gives his insider view of innovations in pharmacy and healthcare.

The two discuss new ways to drive and support new developments in pharmacy, and examine how COVID-19 has affected the sector and how it develops new treatments and medicines.

RPS PharmSci Today #24

March 2021

This week's guest is Professor Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director of the Scottish Government and a Senior Clinical Advisor to the Scottish Government.

Gino and Jason, along with RPS CEO Paul Bennett and RPS Director for Scotland Clare Morrison, discuss Scottish and English government responses to the pandemic, look at the role of pharmacy during the pandemic, and even find time to look at some recent successes in the fight against COVID-19.

RPS PharmSci Today #23

March 2021

RPS Chief Scientist Gino Martini talks to Ravi Limaye, the Managing Director of medicine and vaccine specialists Wockhardt UK.

They look at the science behind different vaccines and the challenges of manufacturing them in bulk, as well as the effect COVID has had upon the UK.

RPS PharmSci Today #22

February 2021

Dr Clive Dix, Head of the UK's Vaccine TaskForce, returns to answer questions on new variants, how the UK will have to use COVID-19 vaccines in the future – and the role of pharmacists' in tackling the pandemic.

RPS PharmSci Today #21

November 2020

With the development of vaccines for COVID-19 that require very low storage temperatures, cold chain management will be a vital part of any vaccine delivery system. 

RPS Chief Scientist Professor Gino Martini speaks to cold chain experts Michael Hobby and David Davies, both from Checkit, to discover what cold chain management is, how it works and how it can help maximise vaccine stocks.

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