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Stay up to date on pharmaceutical science, with Professor Gino Martini, our Chief Scientist.

Every month, Professor Martini will take you through the latest issues, innovations and developments in PharmSci and research.

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PharmSci Today #6

Gino talks to Professor David Taylor, Professor Emeritus of Pharmaceutical and Public Health Policy at UCL, about the role of pharmacists in the NHS, the effects of Brexit and investing in the future of healthcare.

PharmSci Today #5

This month, Helena Rosado of the RPS sits in for Professor Martini. She speaks to Dr Janet Halliday, RPS Fellow and Associate Vice President, FCT and External Technology at Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

Find out what's new in: 

  • Industrial pharmacy
  • Women's health 
  • and drug delivery systems.

PharmSci Today #4


Gino introduces Dr Amira Guirguis talking about Novel Psychoactive Substances.

This interview was recorded at Swansea as part of the Exploring Global Problems podcast series from Swansea University, where Dr Guirguis is based.

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PharmSci Today #3

Professor Martini talks with Christine Bond, Professor of Primary Care at the University of Aberdeen and also Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Pharmacy Practice.

  • How science underpins everything pharmacists do
  • The role of the Science Research Board (SRB) in the RPS

PharmSci Today #2

  • Proactive pharmacy - making a difference for patients
  • On the frontline: detecting AF and fighting AMR
  • Managing diabetes - what can you do?

PharmSci Today #1

  • Personalised medicine: the future of pharmacy?
  • CAR-T therapies: how are pharmacists involved?
  • The NHS Long-Term Plan for pharmacy.