The PrezCast

During her time as RPS President, Sandra Gidley hosted the RPS PrezCast, a regular podcast delivering her own personal take on pharmacy and issues around the profession.

A community pharmacist and former Member of Parliament, Sandra was joined by expert guests for hot takes on the latest issues and debates.


It's the final PrezCast - #16 - a farewell from Sandra...

It's the final PrezCast from RPS President Sandra Gidley!

Accompanied by RPS Chief Exec Paul Bennett, Sandra shares some of the highs and lows of being President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, looks back over her time in post - and forwards to the future of the RPS and the profession...

PrezCast #15 - with Professor Jayne Lawrence MBE

In this week's PrezCast RPS President Sandra Gidley talks to Professor Jayne Lawrence.

Jayne is currently head of Pharmacy & Optometry at Manchester University, is a former Chief Scientist of the RPS, and was recently honoured with an MBE for her work in Pharmacy.

They discuss her experiences as a researcher and a woman, as well as the achievements that led to her MBE.

PrezCast #14 - with Asgher Mohammed MBE

In this week's PrezCast Sandra talks to Asgher Mohammed, community pharmacist and founder of the Scottish Sadaqah Trust. They talk about Asgher's life and career, and why he was honoured with an MBE in 2020.

PrezCast #13 - the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association

This month Sandra talks to Vicky Rutter, executive director of the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association, about the valuable work of the CPA and her experiences of being a pharmacist.

PrezCast #12 - Heroes of Pharmacy and World Pharmacists Day 2020

It's September 25, World Pharmacists Day, and Sandra and RPS Chief Scientist Gino Martini are looking at some of the heroes, big names and major achievements across the profession. You may be surprised at the names that come up!

Have a science question for Gino? Email him at: [email protected]

PrezCast #11 - COVID-19 testing and the MHRA

RPS President Sandra Gidley chats with Graeme Tunbridge, the MHRA's Director of Devices, and Professor Gino Martini, RPS Chief Scientist. The trio look at COVID-19 testing and how pharmacists can help - provided the tests are fast and practical to carry out.

PrezCast #10 - RPS Policy Wins

RPS President Sandra Gidley chats with Heidi Wright, Aileen Bryson and Jonathan Lloyd Jones, RPS policy leads in England, Scotland and Wales respectively. Find out how our lobbying work and policy asks to government have made a difference for pharmacists and the profession across Great Britain as they manage COVID-19.

PrezCast #9 - around the country

RPS President Sandra Gidley chats with the chair of the RPS boards in Wales, Scotland and England. Find out how pharmacists and the profession are coping with COVID-19.

PrezCast #8 - Testing for COVID-19

In episode eight of our PrezCast RPS President Sandra Gidley discusses COVID-19 Testing With RPS Chief Scientist Gino Martini.



PrezCast #7 - PPE & pharmacy

In episode seven of our PrezCast RPS President Sandra Gidley talks with Robbie Turner, RPS Director of Pharmacy Experience, about the problems with PPE across pharmacy during the coronavirus pandemic.

PrezCast #6 - Practical Pre-Reg discussion

This week: how can Pre-Reg trainees support their teams in the coronavirus pandemic?

Sandra talks to Ramneet Gill, BPSA Graduate Officer and Gail Fleming, RPS Director for Education and Professional Development about all of the support available for Pre-Reg trainees.

PrezCast #5 - The challenge of coronavirus

As the coronavirus crisis continues, Sandra talks to Regina from our RPS Support Team about the challenges facing pharmacists - and how the RPS can help.

PrezCast #4 - Race Issues in Pharmacy

It's episode four of the PrezCast! As part of our focus on inclusion and diversity, RPS President Sandra Gidley hosts a vital discussion about issues of race in pharmacy.

PrezCast #3 - Workforce Wellbeing

In episode three of our PrezCast RPS President Sandra Gidley looks at why it's not always easy being a pharmacist, and discusses her own experiences of stress in the workplace.

PrezCast #2 - Women in Leadership

In anticipation of our Women in Leadership event on 3 October, RPS President Sandra Gidley, discusses her career and experiences as a woman, both in pharmacy and in politics.

PrezCast #1 - Mentoring

Our very first PrezCast focuses on mentoring and the benefits to those involved - on both sides of the relationship! If you're interested in becoming either a mentor or a mentee then find out more at our new Mentoring page.