The PrezCast

RPS President Sandra Gidley gives her own personal take on pharmacy and issues around the profession each month.

As a community pharmacist and former Member of Parliament, Sandra has a wealth of experience to share!

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PrezCast #4 - Race Issues in Pharmacy

It's episode four of the PrezCast! As part of our focus on inclusion and diversity, RPS President Sandra Gidley hosts a vital discussion about issues of race in pharmacy.

PrezCast #3 - Workforce Wellbeing

In episode three of our PrezCast RPS President Sandra Gidley looks at why it's not always easy being a pharmacist, and discusses her own experiences of stress in the workplace.

PrezCast #2 - Women in Leadership

In anticipation of our Women in Leadership event on 3 October, RPS President Sandra Gidley, discusses her career and experiences as a woman, both in pharmacy and in politics.

PrezCast #1 - Mentoring

Our very first PrezCast focuses on mentoring and the benefits to those involved - on both sides of the relationship! If you're interested in becoming either a mentor or a mentee then find out more at our new Mentoring page.