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Immune-related cancer toxicities: what pharmacists need to know

In this episode, Caitlin Killen, assistant clinical editor, and Alex Clabburn, senior editor, enlist the help of two experts to explore what the rise in immunotherapy treatment means for the ongoing care of cancer patients.

Many thanks to Dharmisha Chauhan, lead genomic clinical pharmacist for North Thames Genomic Medicine Service Alliance and specialist oncology pharmacist at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, and Stuart Evans, cancer pharmacist at South West Wales Cancer Centre at Singleton Hospital and Swansea Bay University Health Board for their expertise.

For a list of related immunotherapy resources and links to the research mentioned in the podcast visit the PJ website here.

This episode was produced by Geoff Marsh and was supported by Merck.

NICE type 2 diabetes update: what do you need to know?

In this episode, assistant clinical editor Caitlin Killen, looks at the practical implications of a recent update to NICE guidance on diabetes treatment in adults, with the help of two experts.

Many thanks to Michelle Lam, pharmacy team leader for education & training at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Sallianne Kavanagh, an advanced clinical pharmacist at Sheffield Teaching Hospital and clinical lecturer at the University of Huddersfield, for their expertise.

This episode was produced by Geoff Marsh.

Here is a link to the NICE guidelines.

Click here for a list of related diabetes resources from the Pharmaceutical

Pharmacogenomic testing: coming to a community pharmacy near you

What if you could pop into your local pharmacy to get tested for how your genes affect the way you metabolise drugs, such as statins or antidepressants? In several countries, you can.

Features editor Dawn Connelly travels to those countries and speaks with community pharmacists that are already providing this routinely. She starts by visiting the Netherlands, where she talks to Fleur van Gelder and Jesse Swen about their pharmacogenomics testing service, and gets to experience it for herself.

She then speaks with community pharmacists Fabio de Rango, in Canada, and Nami Nagar, in Australia, about what testing they provide and how it has enhanced their relationships with both patients and GPs.

Finally, Connelly returns to the UK to assess when community pharmacies here might get to provide such a service. She speaks with Munir Pirmohamed, NHS chair in pharmacogenetics, who advises the health service, and breaks some exclusive news about one UK pharmacy chain.

This episode was produced by Geoff Marsh.

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