Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Quick reference guide

This quick reference guidance will provide you with a brief summary of chronic obstructive airways disease, its causes and how it differs from asthma. It will also explain how you as pharmacists can support patients with COPD to improve management of symptoms and medicines adherence.

It does not cover the diagnosis, or information on selection of medicines for the treatment of COPD.

Sections on this page

  • What is COPD? 
  • What are the causes of COPD?
  • How does COPD differ from asthma?
  • How can I support patients with COPD?
  • What advice can I provide about medicines?
  • How can I help patients use their device(s) correctly?
  • What advice can I provide to help patients manage and prevent exacerbations?
  • What lifestyle advice should I provide patients with COPD?
  • What other advice should I provide patients with COPD?
  • What other services are available for patients with COPD?
  • When to refer patients
  • Where can I signpost patients wanting further information?
  • Where to go for further information

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