GPhC standards for registered pharmacies

Quick reference guide

Over 14,000 pharmacies and pharmacy teams are affected by GPhC standards for registered pharmacies and the new inspection model.

This hub contains some carefully designed RPS resources to support pharmacists and pharmacy teams with the standards and inspection and also signposts to resources published by GPhC and others.

Watch our 10 minute introductory presentation to learn about GPhC inspection and standards for registered pharmacies. It's suitable for the whole pharmacy team and will be a worth-while use of time. 



GPhC core resources for premises standards and inspection

 RPS resources: 'Know your pharmacy' exercises

We've created these 'know your pharmacy' team exercises as quick, easy-to-use, exercises for individuals and teams to assess how the pharmacy is currently complying with each principle and prompt thought on the pharmacy system and how to improve.

They help to improve familiarity with the standards and it is suggested they are used used separately and repeated every three months.