Identification of foreign medicines

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With the expansion of international mobility, pharmacists are increasingly asked to identify foreign medicines for customers, patients and prescribers.

RPS Professional Support has collated a list of websites to help identify foreign medicines from a number of countries. We also hold a collection of foreign medicine literature that complements the catalogue of websites listed below.

All the websites listed here can be accessed free of charge. Some websites (as annotated) require you to register, to receive a login password. This list is by no means exhaustive but can be used as an auxiliary resource to commercially available information sources such as Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference when identifying foreign medicines.

When text is not available in English you may wish to use a translation service. Internet translation websites are not always reliable and should be used with caution.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society does not endorse these websites. If you experience difficulties accessing any of these online resources or require further clarification on the foreign medicine you are seeking to identify, please do not hesitate to contact RPS Support.

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