Orlistat 60mg P medicine

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Orlistat 60mg capsules are available over the counter as a pharmacy (P) medicine. Since its reclassification from prescription-only medicine status patients have an opportunity to try a drug treatment to aid weight loss without having to consult a doctor.

Orlistat 60mg P may be used by adults, aged 18 and over who are overweight or obese (body mass index BMI > 28kg/m2) and can help achieve steady, gradual weight loss when used as directed.

This guide will help pharmacists identify the information they need to consider when supplying orlistat 60mg P.

It provides information on how pharmacists can help with weight loss, including advising on diet and exercise, promoting a healthy lifestyle, highlighting the benefits of weight loss and offering diagnostic screening to patients, where appropriate.

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  • What is orlistat 60mg P indicated for?
  • Who to refer to their GP?
  • What information is required to determine whether it is appropriate to supply orlistat 60mg P?
  • What else should be considered when recommending orlistat?
  • How does orlistat work?
  • What is the dose of orlistat?
  • When should orlistat not be supplied?
  • Cautions
  • What are the side effects of orlistat?
  • Do any drugs interact with orlistat?
  • Can I supply to a third party?

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