Sildenafil (P medicine)

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Sildenafil 50 mg film-coated tablets (Viagra 50 mg) were reclassified from a prescription only medicine (POM) to a Pharmacy medicine (P) in November 2017. Following a public MHRA consultation.

The outcome of the consultation showed that Viagra Connect has a favourable and well known safety profile. It is, therefore, suitable for sale as a P medicine. The reclassified P medicines is known as Viagra Connect 50 mg.

It's indicated for adult men over the age of 18 years with erectile dysfunction (ED). It will soon be available for suitable patients to purchase from pharmacies without having to consult a doctor.

Benefits of increased accessibility from pharmacy

    • Increased accessibility to treatment has the potential to also increase awareness of the condition – ED. Erection problems (impotence) are very common, particularly in men over 40 (NHS Direct). Pharmacists are ideally placed and trained to offer education and advice on male sexual health, and provision of medicine 
    • Viagra Connect has the potential to benefit patients suffering from ED by treating symptoms which can lead to increased quality of life and relationships
    • Patients are less likely to purchase the medication from unregulated websites
    • Public health benefits and cardiovascular risk - Erectile dysfunction itself is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD). If cardiovascular risk is detected early enough, this can prevent future cardiovascular events and improve quality of life.

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  • Signposting - to RPS Professional Support for advice on specific scenarios, and information resources for both pharmacy teams and patients

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