Tranexamic acid P medicine

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In 2010, Tranexamic acid 500mg tablets became available over the counter as a Pharmacy (P) medicine for the relief of heavy menstrual bleeding. It has been shown to reduce menstrual loss by up to 58 per cent and it is likely to be an advantage for certain women who want to try a drug treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding without having to consult a doctor.

This guidance for pharmacists provides a summary of the product information relating to the over-the-counter use of tranexamic acid. It does not cover the full list of contra-indications or full details of the risk information (further details can be found on the summary of product characteristics).

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  • What is tranexamic acid indicated for?
  • Who to refer to a doctor?
  • What is “heavy” menstrual bleeding?
  • How does tranexamic acid work?
  • What is the dose of tranexamic acid?
  • When should tranexamic acid not be supplied?
  • What are the side effects of tranexamic acid?
  • Are there any drug interactions with tranexamic aicd?
  • Where to go for further information

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