Pharmacists & general practice round table report


On the 30th September 2014, the NHS Alliance and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society held a round table, inviting GPs, practice pharmacists and members of the public. This report contains excerpts from the discussion.


  • Primary care is facing an immediate crisis of falling workforce and rising demand
  • A significant number of suitably qualified pharmacists are available
  • Pharmacists’ under-used skills could play an important role in helping GP practices and primary care providers fill their gaps quickly, practically and cost-effectively
  • Pharmacists working in GP practices have helped drive significant improvements in care provision and working patterns
  • Patients report feeling satisfied and safe with pharmacists in GP practices
  • The Royal Pharmaceutical Society and NHS Alliance held a discussion to explore how this opportunity can and should lead to immediate action, summarised in this document


Pharmacists and general practice: A practical and timely part of solving the primary care workload and workforce crisis

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