Transforming the pharmacy workforce in Great Britain



The RPS has set out a direction of travel for the pharmacy workforce over the coming years that we believe puts patients at the centre of all that we do, promotes proactive, compassionate pharmaceutical care and encourages professionals, services and organisations to work together. 

Transformation of the pharmacy workforce will, the RPS believes, be an essential component of developing excellent healthcare. Pharmacists some in existing roles, some in new roles will be ensuring the optimal use of medicines for patients who are, as a result, empowered and informed. 

The paper 'Transforming the Pharmacy Workforce in Great Britain: the RPS Vision' covers:

  • The RPS journey with workforce development since 2010;
  • The vision for education and training for pre-qualified staff;
  • The vision for developing the post-qualified pharmacy workforce.

The RPS is committed to supporting the achievement of the vision for the pharmacy workforce and will therefore identify annual priorities for professional development, support and recognition.

Learn more about this report in our short podcast:


Transforming the pharmacy workforce in Great Britain: The RPS Vision


Comments and views on the vision are welcome as we are continually developing the vision to meet the changing needs of the population and healthcare systems.

Please send your comments to [email protected].

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