Legal classification of medicines

Changes to the reclassification procedure for medicines mean that the legal status of a product now becomes part of its marketing authorisation rather than being determined by the active substance listed in secondary legislation. As a change of legal status will be conferred only on products that are the subject of an application for reclassification, you should refer to the entry for the specific proprietary product and not rely only on the entry for the active substance. Since the POM Order remains in force, entries for active substances will remain in this list but will include cross references wherever proprietary products have been reclassified.

The online British National Formulary (BNF) is updated monthly and includes information on new products and the legal classification of medicines including controlled drugs. Find out more information on the BNF here.

While every possible care has been taken in the compilation of this  database it is by no means exhaustive. In addition, no responsibility can be accepted for any errors or for any consequences of errors arising from the use of the database.Please note that this table is no longer being updated as of 2014.

Further guidance or clarification on the status of individual products can be obtained from manufacturers or from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

Information on schedules of controlled drugs and new additions is available via the Home Office Controlled drugs list.

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