Improving patient outcomes through MCA


The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has been working together with stakeholders to improve patient outcomes and patient-centred care with the better use of multi-compartment compliance aids (MCA), also known as monitored dosage systems (MDS).

It's important that the assessment and selection of intervention options to help maintain healthy independent living are be patient-centred, therefore the use of MCA must not be regarded as a universal solution.

This section of our website has been created as a repository of MCA information where our work on MCA can be downloaded, and links to other key related documents impacting upon the best-use of MCA are available.

Download Improving patient outcomes with the better use of MCAs

Patient assessment tools currently in use in practice

Data for the stability of medicines outside of their original packaging

The UKMi executive via the SPS website has developed a searchable database to provide information and guidance about the stability of solid dose forms of medicines outside of their original packaging. This can be accessed through regional UK Medicines Information centres.