A professional reference guide

This information sheet is designed to be of assistance to superintendents and pharmacy teams and intended as a resource to help review practices and policies, offering guidance on repeat medication management, prescription collection and delivery services. The care, well-being and safety of patients must be paramount in the delivery of professional services. 

By repeat medication management service we mean a service that is operated in co-operation with local prescribers, in which pharmacists and pharmacy teams provide professional support to assist patients in the rational, safe, effective use of medicines.

By prescription collection service we mean any scheme where a pharmacy receives or collect prescriptions on behalf of the patient, their carer or their representative.

By delivery service we mean where a medicine is delivered to a patient or their carer away from the registered pharmacy premises.


All people using the services have given consent

GPhC standards of conduct, ethics and performance require registrants to “Get consent for the professional services you provide and the patient information you use"

Further detailed information is available from GPhC guidance on consent which defines and explains the different types of consent. This adds “You must use your professional judgement to decide what type of consent to get

For consent to be valid it must be informed, according to GPhC the person must ‘have sufficient, balanced information to allow them to make an informed decision

Consent can be provided by people in different ways for example:

  • By an action: A person dropping in a repeat slip to