Specials ToolkitHow to prescribe and procure them

Specials are a category of unlicensed medicines that are manufactured or procured specifically to meet the special clinical needs of an individual patient.

Prescribers and pharmacists both have a responsibility to ensure that where specials are prescribed, they are the most appropriate choice and patients are supported to use them effectively.

Use our specials toolkit to help you prescribe and procure unlicensed medicines appropriately.

We’ve published:

  • A prescribing guide to support all prescribers to prescribe specials appropriately and safely, it includes practical tips and a checklist for prescribers to print out and use as a tool when prescribing. This is endorsed by the Royal College of GPs, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the Royal College of Nursing.
  • A procurement guide to support pharmacists to work with prescribers, patients and carers to ensure the safe and appropriate obtainment and supply of specials.
  • Information on pharmaceutical issues when crushing, opening or splitting oral dosage forms – certain types of dosage forms should never be split or crushed and this document aims to highlight these, why they should remain intact, and the possible consequences of splitting or crushing various dosage forms.

If you have any enquiries about these guides, contact the Professional Support Team on 0845 257 2570 or email [email protected]