Community pharmacy hub

Confidently deliver professional pharmacy practice within community pharmacy using the resources listed here.

Prescribed medicines ↓ Prescribed medicines ↓

Patients bring prescriptions into a community pharmacy to have prescription medicines dispensed and to be helped with advice and information on the best use of their medicines.

The following resources support with different processes associated with the professional dispensing and supply of the medicines including judgement and decision-making. 

Legal requirements on prescriptions

Professional and clinical checks on prescriptions

Dispensing and supplying the prescribed medicines

Over the counter (OTC) medicines ↓ OTC medicines ↓

People visit community pharmacies to ask for advice with their ailments and to discuss whether OTC medicines can help. 

Increasingly more products are available over-the-counter, providing pharmacists with a larger selection of medicines to help patients.

Our resources help you with best practice guidance, information about re-classified medicines (POM to P), and other aspects of helping with OTC medicines.

Reclassified medicines

Supplying/selling OTC medicines

Additional useful guidance

Community pharmacy services ↓ Community pharmacy services ↓

Community pharmacies provide a wide range of services to patients; these can be locally/nationally commissioned/contracted NHS services or private services.

The following resources provide you with information on running or setting up different services in your pharmacy.

Setting up and running services

Additional useful guidance

Useful resources

Public health and chronic conditions ↓ Public health & chronic conditions ↓

Resources to help with health promotion, preventing disease and supporting people with chronic conditions

As the first port of call, you will have opportunities to speak to people about health promotion, healthy living and preventing disease.

We have produced a range of resources on different areas of public health for you to use when you are having discussions and advising people in practice.