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Are you ready to be a qualified pharmacist?

Before you start practicing as a qualified pharmacist, make sure that you're aware of all the support available to get your career off to the best start.

We help you achieve your career ambitions through career support, professional recognition, support and guidance, and pharmacy resources and news.

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Career Support Career Support

  • Our career support page provides advice and tips on finding work from building your CV and employment success
  • Working as a locum pharmacist in community gives helpful tips on working as a locum

Resources Resources

  • As a pharmacist you will deal with a variety of issues on a daily basis whether working in community, hospital or other pharmacy sectors. Our range of Support resources are concise and user-friendly professional, legal, ethical and good practice guidance materials to support you in your day-to-day practice.
  • Professional Standards build on the minimum levels of practice set by regulators and provide a broad framework which supports pharmacists and their teams to improve services, shape future services and pharmacy roles to deliver quality patient care.
  • We develop and publish regular Support Alerts to help support you in your day-to-day roles and keeping up-to-date with any pharmacy related topics, including information about medicine and device recalls, patient safety notices, health professional letters and other important communications concerning patient safety.
  • Essential guides for various sectors are designed for pharmacists preparing for day one.

Mentoring Mentoring

  • Mentoring enables pharmacists practising at every level in all sectors of pharmacy to benefit from the support and guidance of their more experienced colleagues. We are here to support you whether you are looking to find a mentor or wanting to become a mentor.

RPS Foundation Programme RPS Foundation Programme

  • RPS Foundation programme, a professional development programme for members who are in their first 1000 days of practice. The programme will enable you to gain knowledge, skills and behaviours essential across all sectors and settings, so that you are better equipped to adapt and deliver safe and effective pharmaceutical care.

Networks Networks

  • Our online groups are like a social network but for professionals in various sectors and are a great way to liaise with pharmacists working in similar environments.
  • Early career pharmacists network is specifically for pharmacists who have just qualified.