What is Pharmacy 2030 all about? Watch our webinar recording from the launch in February 2022 to find out.

Pharmacy 2030 is a new professional vision launched in February 2022 by RPS Scotland in collaboration with the National Pharmacy Technician Group Scotland. It was co-created with pharmacy teams in all sectors of pharmacy through focus groups, surveys and consultations.

This webinar launched a series of events in 2022 about achieving the Pharmacy 2030 vision. It provides an overview of the vision and the underpinning infrastructure that is needed to achieve it.

- Introduction and how the vision was developed
- What’s in the vision: Professional roles; Underpinning infrastructure to achieve the vision
- Views from across pharmacy:
- What’s next: how we make the vision a reality
- Discussion for all attendees

- Clare Morrison, Director for Scotland, RPS
- Mel Bryan, Chair, National Pharmacy Technician Group Scotland
- Ian Rudd, Director of Pharmacy, NHS Highland
- Janice Watt, Chair, National Acute Pharmacy Group Scotland
- Jill Nowell, Chair, Scottish Practice Pharmacy & Prescribing Advisers Association
- Alan Harrison, Chair, Primary Care Leads Group