Antibiotic prescribing: Back to basics


Presented by David Sharpe, Antimicrobial Pharmacist, Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust.

About this webinar

Antibiotic prescribing is a very topical issue. The correct use of antibiotics can save lives but the incorrect overuse of antibiotics can cause many problems to patients, with the growing emergence of resistance and significant unwanted side effects. It is vital that pharmacists and technicians understand the basic principles of antibiotic prescribing in order to be able to review them appropriately.

The aim of  this webinar is to provide an introduction to basic bacteriology and the principles for the use of commonly used antibiotics.


  • Describe the four principal groups of pathogenic bacteria
  • Identify the bacteria groups likely to be associated with different sites of infection
  • Outline the spectrum of activity of the major antibiotic classes
  • Recommend appropriate antibiotic combinations to cover common infections.

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