Covid-19 in Paediatrics

Our expert panel of speakers in collaboration with NPPG discussed: 

- Management of COVID-19 in paediatrics
- Management of paediatric intensive care patients
- COVID-19 clinical trials in paediatrics
- Safeguarding in paediatrics.


- Richard Goodwin, Paediatric Education and Training Pharmacist
- Caroline Dalton, Infectious Diseases & Antimicrobial Stewardship Pharmacist
- Jenny Gray, Consultant Pharmacist PICU
- Mandy Wan, NIHR CRN Lead Paediatric Research Pharmacist
- Joseph Standing

Supporting resources

Think Kidneys NHS resources for acute kidney injury in paediatrics, including BAPN recommendations for identification and management
NICE guideline for intravenous fluid management in paediatrics
- SPS summary of paediatric and maternity guidance from the NHS and professional bodies.